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It starts with listening.

The Bryant Neighborhood Center was inspired by a yearlong series of listening sessions hosted by Trinity Presbyterian Church. Trinity has a long tradition of responding to community needs, and we invited our neighbors, congregation members, local organizations, and residents to talk with us about what the Bryant Neighborhood needs.

We found a need for free activities for youth and families, and a physical space to host them. There is also a need for space to host neighborhood events, community conversations about issues, information sessions, and recreational activities.

We’re opening our doors wider.

We already open our doors to our neighbors throughout the week through our existing outreach programs. With rejuvenation of our aging building, we envision a safe and lively community hub that offers even more resources to our neighbors.

Our fresh space will offer open, multi-use rooms available for youth and adult programming and community gatherings.

The new Center will be suited for a diverse array of programming needs. For example:

  • the existing half-court gym will be renewed for community use

  • tables for board games

  • an open and crowd-friendly kitchen will facilitate meal preparation

  • flexible seating arrangements will allow for large group presentations, small group conversations, and space for confidential meetings

  • an ADA Ramp will help establish a broad entrance to the space, allowing it to easily welcome everyone onto the threshold

The Bryant Neighborhood Center will be a place made with the neighborhood and for the neighborhood.

Your Support Is Needed

We need partners to come alongside our effort in order to see this vision realized.

The return on your investment in the Bryant Neighborhood Center will be an active and thriving resource, committed to the longterm health and success of a neighborhood in need.

With the support and backing of a growing and engaged Trinity Presbyterian Church, the Bryant Neighborhood Center will have the experience and infrastructure to carry on long after the capital investments are made.

As our neighborhood continues to grow, Trinity will continue to grow with it, remaining a committed member of our beloved Bryant Neighborhood for many, many years to come.