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We envision a diverse, connected, and empowered Bryant Neighborhood, with neighbors actively participating in the development of a healthy, just, and sustainable community.


The Bryant Neighborhood Center will serve as a community hub to link local residents with high quality resources, where young minds learn and grow, relationships are formed, and basic needs are met while amplifying residents’ vision for the community.


Place Matters

We value our place on the corner of 6th and Grant within the Bryant Neighborhood on the Hilltop of Tacoma, and have committed ourselves to the people of this neighborhood.


We value and commit ourselves to living in a manner that disarms those around us by being transparent and truthful about our individual and collective condition.


We value every person as created in God’s image and, therefore, we treat them with respect, we speak to them with kindness, and we love them with understanding.


We value each person’s ability to give of themselves, believing that with a diversity of gifts we are made more whole.

Mutual Transformation

We value the impact of relationships and the transformation that can take place when people are able to walk alongside one another and share life together.