Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HERE FOR GOOD Campaign?

HERE FOR GOOD is a $4.7 million campaign to renovate and revitalize the historic Trinity Presbyterian Church building, and create the Bryant Neighborhood Center - a place made with the neighborhood and for the neighborhood.

Where will the Bryant Neighborhood Center be located?

The BNC will be located in the lower level of Trinity Presbyterian Church at 1615 6th Ave, Tacoma. The main entrance is ADA accessible, and located on the 6th Avenue side of the building.

What is the connection between Trinity Presbyterian Church and the Bryant Neighborhood Center?

The Bryant Neighborhood Center is the Outreach face of Trinity Presbyterian Church. The Legacy Programs of the BNC are the same programs started at Trinity in the 1980’s and continue to serve our neighborhood.

Who can participate in Bryant Neighborhood Center programming?

Everyone is welcome to participate! The programs at the BNC are curated for the Bryant Neighborhood, the 25 blocks surrounding Bryant Montessori, including Jason Lee Middle School. We prioritize our local community, but everyone is welcome.

Additionally, the programs at the Bryant Neighborhood Center are nonreligious, and do not discriminate. We are an inclusive organization, embracing the diversity of our neighborhood.

What services will the Bryant Neighborhood Center provide?

  • Community space for Trinity’s education, community support and health care outreach programs

  • A place to welcome community partners such as Children’s Museum of Tacoma, Tacoma Rescue Mission, and others to offer programs in health maintenance, play and parenting

  • Our fresh space will offer open, multi-use rooms available for youth and adult programming and community gatherings, including a small gym and crowd friendly kitchen

  • Flexible meeting, training and entertainment spaces to serve as a “neighborhood hub” and gathering place

  • A renewed neighborhood identity through the use of the Bryant Neighborhood name

What Partners do you currently have?

One of the most exciting features of the Bryant Neighborhood Center is the capacity for partnerships in a space dedicated to our community.

Our already-established connections with expand and grow. These include relationships with Peace Community Center, Bryant Montessori, and Jason Lee Middle School. Additionally, the Trinity Neighborhood Clinic operates as an independent 501(c)(3), but is very closely connected to us.

As we continue to actively look for partnerships to bring new and needed programming into the neighborhood, we have tentative plans to offer opportunities from places such as Children’s Museum of Tacoma and the Tacoma Rescue Mission.

How did Trinity decide on what to include in the Bryant Neighborhood Center?

Members of Trinity spent more than a year conducting listening sessions with Bryant neighbors, asking what they needed to make their community stronger and more vibrant. We found a need for free activities for youth and families, and a physical space to host them. There is also a need for space to host neighborhood events, community conversations about issues, information sessions, and recreational activities.

Trinity has always operated as a community hub, so this is very much in step with who we have historically been. We have an expertise in this kind of neighborhood programming, and are well-poised to engage other local partners around this new community resource. We are excited to continue on in Trinity’s longtime tradition, and to be a place where our neighborhood gathers for years to come!

Can I offer input on programming?

Yes! Complete our ongoing community survey here. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Why should I support the renovation of a church building?

The Trinity congregation is seeking community support to help meet the needs of this historically underserved neighborhood. Based on the number of people who currently use Trinity’s outreach services, the facility is used more than four times as much for community programming as it is for church-related functions. With the creation of the Bryant Neighborhood Center, the number of people served is estimated to grow by 37 percent.

What about the rest of the deteriorating Trinity church building?

The Bryant Neighborhood Center Campaign is part of a larger $4.7M capital campaign effort to restore the Trinity building, complete with seismic retrofitting, a new roof, a new heating system, reinforced masonry, and overall modernization that will keep Trinity running well for years to come!

What support has the Trinity congregation provided?

The Trinity Presbyterian Church community has already pledged $1.2 million in support of this project and is planning to conduct a second internal campaign to raise another $1 million. Trinity members have greatly extended themselves in order to both improve their worship space as well as their ability to serve their surrounding neighbors. Additionally, an anonymous gift of $1 million was given to the HERE FOR GOOD Campaign.

Who else is supporting this project?

Trinity is grateful to the many community members and foundations who have contributed to the success of the Bryant Neighborhood Center. A list of partner foundations can be found here.

How substantial will the impact be?

Trinity expects to be serving up to 5,000 people within five years of re-opening the refurbished space.

What is the timeline for this project?

Construction is underway! Trinity broke ground on the project in May 2019, with a grand opening planned for the Spring of 2020.

How can I make a gift to support this project?

Click here to make a contribution! Alternatively, hecks can be made out to the Bryant Neighborhood Center at mailed to 1615 6th Ave, Tacoma WA.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact Julie Cramer at 253.272.0980 or