Capital Campaign

HERE FOR GOOD: The Bryant Neighborhood Center Campaign

Trinity Presbyterian Church has been a source of care and support for the Bryant Neighborhood of Tacoma’s Hilltop District for over 125 years. In 2017, Trinity launched a campaign to restore its historic building and create the Bryant Neighborhood Center.

Through the generous support of the Trinity community, $1.2 million has already been raised toward our goal. Now, the Here for Good Campaign seeks to raise an additional $2.5 million so that Trinity’s current array of education and community support services will be expanded and centralized in a new space within the church building under the Bryant Neighborhood Center banner.

Bryant Neighborhood

About the Bryant neighborhood

The Bryant Neighborhood Center vision formed after a year of listening sessions between Trinity and its surrounding neighbors. Our community is a beautiful and diverse residential neighborhood located in the northwest corner of Tacoma’s Hilltop. The Bryant Neighborhood accounts for approximately 25 square blocks and includes facilities like its namesake, Bryant Montessori, along with the Salvation Army’s emergency housing facility and Trinity Presbyterian Church. A small number of businesses also make their home in the Bryant Neighborhood.

Within the Bryant Neighborhood, 44% of homes are owner-occupied while the median household income is $33,966. 33% of Bryant Neighborhood residents are living below the poverty line, and 16% of residents are unemployed. Living inside the Bryant Montessori catchment area there are currently 170 students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

An aging historical building

Trinity’s building is used for neighborhood programming 4x more than it is used for church-related functions.

Trinity’s building is currently used for neighborhood-based programming more than four times the amount that it is utilized for church-related functions.

However, without a major upgrade, our facility can no longer continue to operate, putting our outreach programs in jeopardy.

The building is both structurally and seismically unsound and lacks the flexibility and accessibility needed to effectively carry out its mission. Our “Here for Good” campaign is necessary to raise the funds to seismically retrofit and renovate the building to ensure we are really here for good!


OUR VISION: The Bryant Neighborhood Center

The Bryant Neighborhood Center will be a space for programming developed by the voices of the neighborhood. When our door open, we will spend the first five years reaffirming our commitment to the neighborhood by meeting basic needs with relationships and compassion, and build on our arm of educational support as we pioneer efforts to holistically serve students and families at our two neighborhood schools.

We will serve more children and families than ever before as we build on long-standing partnerships with Bryant Montessori, Jason Lee Middle School, and Peace Community Center. Further, we are developing new partnerships with other trusted local organizations, including Children’s Museum of Tacoma, and the Tacoma Rescue Mission.